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Win a Trip To San Francisco With AlphaBetty Saga!

You’ve definitely heard of Candy Crush Saga, right? You probably even have a request to come and play it right now on Facebook as we speak.

Well, King Digital Entertainment, the team behind the uber-addictive game have just released the “AlphaBetty Saga“, a word game that’s just as bloody addictive (I may have stayed up until 1am this morning playing it, saying “1 more level” over and over again). Anyway The game is centred around 2 mice (Betty – obviously, and Barney) who run around the world collecting lost letters. And here’s wher you come in.

Win A Balloon Ride In San Francisco!

To celebrate the launch, the AlphaBetty Saga are giving you the chance to win a once in a lifetime experience of flying over the Napa Valley San Francisco in a hot air balloon. The team is dropping giant letters made out of cheese (not real cheese before you all run down there with knives) all over the world starting off with an enormous letter “A” on Southbank followed by another letter in Times Square in New York later in the week. All you need to do is follow Alpha Betty on Twitter or Instagram, take a snap of yourself in front of the letter and use the hashtag #Lostletterscomp and you’re in with a chance!

Here are some of me from earlier!

2015-06-09 12.18.43 2015-06-09 12.18.50

The competition runs from the 9th-19th of June with the letter in London being up until 9pm on the 9th. For full T’s and C’s head to the competition’s official page.





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