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Why Won’t She Call?

“This is a story of boy meets girl, you should know up front – this is not a love story.”
– 5oo Days Of Summer (Yes, I’ve seen it that many times)

I met someone. Wait, let me back up a bit. It’s probably better to say that she met me. She came up to me. She gave me her number. And, after giving me her number, the last thing she said was “make sure you call me”. She clearly had balls (not literally).  I’m no expert, but I’d say she was probably interested in me.

This girl was beautiful, a lot younger, 21 in fact (insert paedophile jokes here). My “what have I got to lose?” attitude kicked in against my better judgement and I decided that after all her efforts I should at least give her a call.

Now, in this day and age, nobody actually calls someone back after meeting them. It’s so much easier hide behind a text with (cough cough) LOL’s, smileys and xx’s. So, I decide to do just that (minus the smileys etc) and send her a text.

I read the text back before sending it, it’s a very good text. Not over the top, just a regular run of the mill text. A strong text, nothing controversial at all. Sent. Now we play the waiting game…….. And keep playing it. Until finally, 24 hours later – she responds. The response is very generic, not really affectionate, not really throwing anything out there about catching up for a drink or asking me more about myself.

“Hmmmmm”, I think to myself. This is very odd, considering it was her who did the initial chasing. I decide to wait a little while before responding. When I finally do, I respond in very similar fashion. Very generic, though I at least included a couple of questions to keep the conversation flowing.

Another day passes and I’m still waiting. I’m not too worried, as her last 3 line message took the best part of a day to write. But, after another day passes I start to wonder. It’s not as if I like this girl, but now the intrigue has certainly set in. I think about messaging her again, though I don’t want to be the person who texts twice in a row. This has now turned into a mystery. Why would she want me to get in touch in the first place if she’s not interested? Why take so long to reply? What was said in the generic texts that might have been misconstrued? Why won’t she call? Is it me? I can change…. I CAN CHANGE! Deep breaths.

Another day passes and with every text coming through, I start to get excited thinking it’s her – only to be confronted with disappointment. “Since when did I start to care?” I ask myself. When I was 15 (before text messaging was around more or less) it was so much easier. If I had a girl’s number I would grab the house phone with the incredibly long cord (which my mother or sister would almost certainly trip over), go into my room, call the girl and have a real conversation. No LOL’s or smileys, but an actual conversation that we could gauge whether or not there was any spark. Why don’t we do that as adults anymore? Surely our social skills are suffering because of it? Who says every part of technology has improved our lives?

The girl in question still hasn’t gotten back to me, so I’m left to wonder as to why. I don’t want to jinx it, but who’s to say she wasn’t hit by a bus or something. Hmmmmmm, because that would be terrible, now, wouldn’t it?




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