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Why, Jordi, Why?

Why am I writing about this? Good question.

Us Londoners are busy people. I mean, I’m a busy boy. A man-on-the-go if you will. I try and save time anyway I can as so I can spend it on the more important things in life like watching old episodes of Friends on my laptop or choosing which photos of me on Facebook least make me look like an arse. Believe what you will.

Anyway, last Friday morning it was hammering down with rain and I was as about excited to leave the office to get something for lunch as I was to pay £20 for a drink on New Year’s Eve. With various colleagues deciding to layer up and brave the sideways hale, I decided to try a healthy alternative that delivers called Urban Kitchen.  Urban Kitchen are a local company that cooks everything at their onsite kitchen in Bermondsey and uses locally produced seasonal ingredients. One of my goals this year is to support as many local businesses as possible, so this was the perfect opportunity to start the year off with that feel-good factor. 1, 2, 3 awwwwww.

How Does It Work?

It’s really simple. You have tonnes to choose from and as long as you order before 9.30 am they can do same-day delivery. I ordered the Levantine chicken with jewelled quinoa containing pomegranate and spring onions for £7.25. I’ve always been a health freak for as long as I can remember, so it’s really nice to finally have a choice besides pizza, curry or Chinese.

Everything was delivered on time by a really nice guy who was absolutely saturated. I was pleasantly surprised as to how big the portion was. The food was amazing, and it was nice to see that the nutritional value was on the box despite it being freshly made (as I said, health freak).

So, Would I Order It Again?

I’d definitely try some of the other choices, though obviously it’s something you’d have as treat once every couple of weeks or so.

So, if staying healthy and or supporting local is one of your goals this year then you should definitely try out Urban Kitchen – it will definitely give you that feel-good factor.


Urban KitchenUrban Kitchen   Urban Kitchen Urban Kitchen

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