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The Perks and Perils of Good Looking Friends.

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, that’s the beauty of having friends. Unless your friendship group is similar to that of the “Plastics” from Mean Girls or “The Flawless Four” from 90’s cult classic, Jawbreaker, it doesn’t matter whether you have good looking friends or not.

We do, though, all have at least one ridiculously good looking friend. Come on, you know the one. He or she always swans into a room as if they floated in via some warm summer breeze whilst classical music plays in the background only for everybody to stop what they’re doing and stare as if they were an unwelcome cowboy walking into an old “western saloon”. Have one in mind? Good.

I have one friend in particular that is very good looking. Italian, 6 1″, snappy dresser and just an all round, nice guy. Let’s call him, ummm, Luigi.

I first picked up on how good looking Luigi is when I noticed women were reduced to giggling school girls every time he opened his mouth. They just couldn’t get enough of him talking about Rome, what an amazing cook he was and what he loved about London. I also noticed my girlfriends asking “How’s Luigi?” or “I’m having a party, make sure you bring Luigi along”. “Now Luigi is more popular with my friends than I am, great” I thought to myself. It’s also frustrating when all you’re asked by certain people is “wow, your friend’s so hot, is he available?”.

The perks of having such a good looking friend is that you know there will always be plenty of  attention from the opposite sex. Even if it’s got nothing to do with you, you can still feel as though you’re attractive, right? (I know I do……..sadly).

It’s also one of the biggest downsides, as I could jump up and down on the spot, whilst on fire, screaming my lungs out for help and STILL not get noticed when standing next to Luigi, as these women carry on with their “school girl” giggling. I’ll try joining in on the conversation (knowing that nobody’s going to ask me anything) hoping that despite not looking like Luigi, I still have a winning personality to offer. Most of the time my efforts are in vain. I feel like the supporting act to The Rolling Stones – no matter how good I am, nobody’s really here to see me (insert violin music).

Then there’s the perks of having a good looking female friend. There is no limit to how many free drinks you can get when hanging out with one of those. I have one in particular that I can’t remember the last time I paid for a drink when out with her. All she has to do is flutter those eye lashes in the direction of an excitable barman and we’re in.

The downside is that I always end up feeling like a protective boyfriend. Guys are always checking her out whilst constantly making me feel uncomfortable. I also know they think we’re together….. Which is probably what the girls think, thus ruining my own chances of meeting anybody.

At the end of the day, all our friends are beautiful in their own way. I will never say any of my friends are unattractive, because that’s simply not true. Though, the next time I have the chance to head out with Luigi, I might just not call him….. Or lock him in a cupboard, just to be on the safe side.

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