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Taking it Up The Shard With


My Tall Building Theory

I love going up tall buildings, but I only love it in a non-romantic sense . You see, I have a theory that a tall building equals the perfect date location for the lazy, male trying to impress a female.

You can go to any city in the world that has a tall building with an observation deck or revolving restaurant and you will find a variety of different dates going on. It’s as if every male’s ability to think of a creative date idea has been erased as soon as there’s a tall building available. Is it because it’s harder for the woman to leave if she feels she has to take an elevator down 60 floors? Is it because if nothing else, they’ll at least be able to talk about the amazing view? Either way, the thought of being stuck at the top of a tall building with just one person for the night just doesn’t do it for me….. Well, The Eiffel Tower with Mila Kunis would probably be an exception.

Taking It Up The Shard with

So, the amazing people at Doing Something threw a party by having the “world’s highest ice bar” with 300 lucky singles including myself. If there was ever a moment to go up a tall building, this would be it.

We’re all given different coloured rosettes describing what kind of date we are. Mine says “fun date”, which I probably would have written anyway…….. It seems there are a lot of fun dates, though.

Going Stag

Going stag to a singles event works both ways. You either look desperate, tragic and lonely, or, if you can pull it off – confident, daring and ballsy. I like to think I’m more of the latter (THINK being the operative word). I don’t know anybody, so I have 2 choices. Hang out and lament in the corner or get involved, mingle and meet new people.

I do just that. I hang out with some cool groups and meet some really interesting people. Some are looking to try and meet “The One”, others are just looking to have a good time and meet “The One For The Night”. I had a great time.

Go and Do Something

If you’re umming and ahhing about whether going to a singles event is for you, you should definitely try Doing Something. It’s a great change from the same old cheesy supper clubs and drinks mixers and attracts a cool bunch of people looking at experiencing something different.

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