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Rebel Bingo

What Is Rebel Bingo?

I first heard about Rebel Bingo from a friend who quoted it as being “bingo, but, like crazy bingo – where people draw all over you”. That pretty much sums it up.

Buying Tickets

I went home and looked it up online. The official website was a little secretive claiming that to be informed about tickets I would have to join a mailing list for which I promptly obliged. Now I play the waiting game.

At the end of January an email finally came through letting me know that tickets were going on sale at midday sharp the next day stating that they were sold out in 2 hours last time. “Sure they were, like hundreds of cool people are rushing online to go and buy tickets for some bastardised form of bingo” I thought to myself. Midday the next day arrived and I went online to buy a handful of tickets. The booking page kept crashing when finally after 30 minutes and countless page refreshes I was in. Tickets were bought and half an hour later they had sold out. I guess cool people do want to play bingo.

The Event

Fast forward 6 weeks and Rebel Bingo day had arrived. I was informed via email beforehand that the dress code stated that no plain white t-shirts, suits or fancy dress was allowed. That meant is was going to be ripped jeans and a dark t-shirt for the night, which I was more than happy to wear to Rebel Bingo.

Upon queueing we were given various coloured Crayolas and a couple of different bingo cards. It was time to go in and see what all the fuss was about.

We enter the venue (The Scala, King’s Cross). The bar is absolutely heaving with people already as everyone pushes passed each other trying to get the drinks in before the evening explodes into life. We decide to head to the balcony bar thus avoiding the main bar before making a beeline to the dance floor in front of the main stage. A very wise choice.

2 rums and 2 shots of tequila later it was time to start drawing all over each other, everybody was a blank canvas and everybody wanted to get involved. A girl I didn’t know started drawing on the back of my neck saying it was a “smiley face”. Needless to say I knew it was a giant penis. I know the difference between a penis and a smiley being drawn. I certainly wasn’t that drunk, but it was there and I certainly wasn’t the only one with a giant cock drawn somewhere on my body.

The penis drawn on my neck.

The penis drawn on my neck.


After dancing for an hour to such musical talents including *NSYNC and The Spice Girls, the host finally appeared on stage getting everybody fired up to  “Killing In The Name” by “Rage Against The Machine”. Needless to say the crowd went wild! Dancers appeared on stage, half-naked “rockabilly” clad women rolled in 2 bingo wheels. It was going CRAZY!

The 2 half-naked women would call out the numbers. But not in the traditional way with old classics such as “legs 11”. Oh no. It was more along the lines of “number 9, the age I broke my hymen, number 9” or my favourite (and probably the most vulgar) “number 1, I fingered my hamster, went too far and punctured its lung, number 1”. Each number was genuinely funny and well thought out. The crowd was in stitches.

The Rebel Bingo crew on stage.

The Rebel Bingo crew on stage.

Finally when somebody had all of the numbers they had to jump on stage and give the host a hug, at which point the numbers would be verified. If they didn’t have all of the numbers they would be booted off stage shadowed in a red light with the word “loser” flashing on the screen all to the tune of the Ludicris classic, “Move Bitch”. If they won on the other hand, they would have been given one of the following prizes, a bike, t-shirt, umbrella, portable speaker/dock or a stuffed toy panda.

After the highly eventful bingo games finally came to a close the party carried on into the wee hours where we were still having penises drawn on us and dancing away to *NSYNC – 2 essentials for an unforgettable night out.


What to wear to Rebel Bingo.
The dress code says “no plain white tees”, but they’re not going to kick you out for wearing a white t-shirt. If you do wear a white t-shirt, chances are it will be covered in pen by the end of the night. Wear trainers. Wear a vest so people can draw all over your arms.

Try and position yourself at the front of the stage to see the numbers properly – it’s where all the action is!

Embrace the madness, get involved as much as you can!

Only go once. Like most things, it’s never the same second time around.




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