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The Last Tuesday Society Masquerade Ball

New Year’s Eve is always a let down, let’s face it. 9 out of 10 times they’re about as exciting as watching a box set of “2 Broke Girls”. This year didn’t really hold much hope in breaking that trend, that is until I’d heard about The Last Tuesday Society Masquerade Ball.

As a last minute decision myself and some friends, friends of friends and random people nobody in our group had ever seen before decided to go to The Last Tuesday Society’s annual “New Year’s Eve Eve Ball”. Because it was being held on the 30th and not the 31st – there were no expectations, thus we couldn’t be disappointed with another New Year’s let down.

The prerequisite for entry was wearing a mask. The invite read “clothes optional”. We had strange a feeling it was going to be fun.

We swan through the doors into a sea of people dressed in everything from feathers to leather whilst a woft of popcorn filled our nostrils. So far so good as we scanned the room for the bar. Once spotted we made a beeline. I ordered my customary double rum on the rocks (this one came in a classy plastic cup – though it wasn’t the drinks that we came here for). Whilst at the bar, a man in his late 40’s completely stark naked decided to pull up next to me and order a pint. As I scan him from head to….. Well…. his stomach, all I can do is turn to the bar and order another shot. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

As I move upstairs to another room, the rumbles of a crowd starts to gather at the top of the staircase. I slide through the crowd bumping into pints and having my rock-hard arse (so I’ve heard) grabbed at every opportunity. I finally barge my way to the front of the pack and realise why everybody has decided to gather. Gold painted naked people. A long buffet table filled with fruit bowls, cheeses, olives and biscuits became a podium for gold painted men and women to be able to drop food into the mouths of willing guests.

This party was great.

I tilt my head back as a grape is gently placed into my mouth by a beautiful, golden temptress.

Me acting a little more classy.

Me acting a little more classy.

The novelty wears off after a short while, so I head back downstairs into a room that has nothing but a popcorn stand, I load up on popcorn and carry on through the main dancefloor. After a short while of soaking up everything the party threw at me, I decided to go and find the others.

The group somehow manages to congregate. We share stories and dance the rest of the night away (well, until 4am – when the lights came on and we were ushered out without a fuss).

Waking up the next day knowing it was New Year’s Eve and with no pressure of having an “amazing” time made the night all the more sweeter. 2012 had already finished in the perfect way.

Needless to say I’ll be going to The Last Tuesday Society masked ball in 2013.





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