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It Started With a Wink

So, I’ve entered the world of internet dating. When I first looked at my profile on the screen, the feeling was on par with one of those Sunday mornings where I jadedly look at myself in the bathroom mirror after a big night out as my unshaven face stares back, mumbling “So, Jordi. Your life’s come to this”.

Where Do I Start?

I guess, it started with a wink.

But, what the hell is a wink? Why are so many people winking at me. Am I supposed to wink back? I mean, surely if they want to get to know me they should just message me, right? And a favourite? Don’t favourite me – message me! Don’t put me in some sort of shopping basket to “buy” later. Buy me now (in a non-prostitute type of way)!

Anyway, I was trawling through the various photos of women just as if I was  looking for a white t-shirt on ASOS. Like being on ASOS, I filter it down to preference, size, design etc etc and am now presented with a list that should be in the ball park of what I’m “looking” for. If only there was a filter for simple grammatical errors or for women that solely write “me want man”.

She’s the One

I decide to choose one girl and one girl only.  I want to get to know someone who has nothing written in their profile. I want her to tell me about all the things she loves and loathes as her voice screams with passion and we can have a real conversation without “smileys” or “LOLs”.

I add someone to my basket (favourite her) that doesn’t have anything written about themselves. A blank canvas.

She winks back.

We’re on a roll and start to “chat”. 3 messages in and she hasn’t asked for my credit card details or sent me a link to “free live cams”. As long as she didn’t have a penis, my experience would be chalked down as a “win”.

The Date

I don’t do clichè first dates. I like to choose the place, and I always like to do something different. This time was no exception. I send her a message saying “leave it to me, we’ll do something cool”.

We meet.

She’s beautiful. Her photo doesn’t do her justice. Don’t get me wrong, she was attractive in her photo, but in person she was something else.

I take her to a bar in East London for a “musical jam”. The musical jam is something where a band starts the night off by jamming as people in the crowd get up on stage, join the band and play with their own instruments. It was really cool. We sat there for 4 hours, mixing drinks, talking, laughing and listening to these amazing musicians of all ages get up and just play because they wanted to, not because they were getting paid.

I looked over at her with and with an element of surprise in my voice said “you know what, I’m actually having a really good time tonight”. She agreed. As far as first dates go, it couldn’t have gone any better.

So, What Next?

There’ll definitely be a second date.

Obviously, I was pleasantly surprised, and internet dating isn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I do think I lucked out by meeting someone cool, though – especially as I’m very picky.

Would I recommend it? Totally. Like anything, have fun with it. Though, if someone sends you a link to see more photos – it’s probably not a good idea to click on it.

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