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Guy Unfriends Ex-girlfriend On Facebook Only To Carry On Stalking Her Almost Hourly

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The end of a modern relationship is no longer all about photos in shoe boxes as it is more “unfriending” and “de-tagging” that defines them.

Modern day Lothario Barry, a retail manager from Ealing tells us all about his online activity post-relationship .

“So, technically she left me. I guess. Things hadn’t been right for a while and we were fighting a lot near the end, but she was definitely the one who pulled the pin.” Barry explains.

We asked Barry what steps he’s taken to help himself move forward now that the relationship’s been over for a month. “Well, after a few days of seeing her posting photos on Facebook depicting how much fun she was having I decided to unfriend her.”

Smart move, right?

“At first I thought I was making a statement. Then I started seeing all of her friends post pics with her putting her arm around random guys on nights out and it made me wonder whether she’d already started seeing other people.” Elaborates Barry.


‘The problem was that the more I thought about it, the more I started to log-in and immediately head to her page. I’d wake up in the morning and it was the first thing I did. Every hour, I have a quick look on my phone. And, before I go to bed the last thing I do is have a little browse.” Barry explains.

We asked Barry whether it has helped.

“Not Really. I don’t even know why I go on there so often as all I can see is her profile pic, which she hasn’t changed since 2013. Even though I know this, I still go there hoping to get some sort of insight. Which I know I won’t. God, listen to me.”

Well, Barry. All we can do is wish you luck….. And hope that she changes her profile pic sooner rather than later.

Don’t forget, this is satire and totally written to laugh at ourselves and the kinds of colourful personalities we deal with when dating. It’s not written to offend anyone. If you did laugh and can relate – don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter using the share buttons. Thanks for reading as always, Jordi.




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