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Guy Thinks Profile Pic Of Himself and Half-Naked Promo Girls Will Make Him Instantly More Attractive

Guy with promo girls

Mile End student Alex has decided to change his regular run-of-the-mill profile pic to that of one taken with some half-naked promo girls at a recent trade show.

We caught up with 18 year-old Alex to try to see his logic.

“Ummmm, well, I just thought to myself “what’s going to make me look irresistible to women?” And that was it”. Alex tells us.

“I just figured that if girls see that there are women all around me then they’re missing out on something that they don’t know about” Alex continues.

“But surely they can tell that they’re promo girls and that they take hundreds of photos like this every event?” we ask.

“Maybe, maybe not. Maybe they think that they came up to me and asked for a photo hahaha.” Alex responds whilst laughing loudly. “The thing is, how often will I ever have this many hot women around me? Never. So, why not promote it and hope that some girls think I might be incredibly witty and intelligent, right?”

Well, Alex you young, aspiring Dan Bilzerian….. All we can do is wish you luck with that.

Don’t forget, this is satire and totally written to laugh at ourselves and the kinds of colourful personalities we deal with when dating. It’s not written to offend anyone. If you did laugh and can relate – don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter using the share buttons. Thanks for reading as always, Jordi.



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