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Getting The Message Across

Stop calling me

The date finished. A few sparkless hours of my life officially over and I like to think it was pretty clear between us that not killing each other doesn’t necessarily constitute grounds for a second date. I think I did very well at getting the message across, I wasn’t interested. Or so I thought.

I am in my pants,  halfway through a vintage Hollyoaks Omnibus when I am interrupted by the first text. “Thanks for a great night, hope you’re having a great morning (smiley)” it read. Now, I have to respond. I know she has sent this text only as to receive a response, a response telling her that I also had a great night, even though it wasn’t a great night, not a great night at all.

I respond in as generic fashion as possible. “I am having a great morning, thanks” read the response. No mention about the “great night” in question. She should surely be able to work out that the “great night” was certainly one way traffic. “Great response, Jordi” I think to myself “bravo…..bravo. Problem averted”.

I am very transparent when it comes to this sort of thing. When there’s no spark, generally that’s agreed upon by both of us – even if it’s not officially discussed. There was no spark. Why am I receiving texts about having a great night as early as the next morning? I just want to eat a bowl of muesli and catch up on what’s happening in everybody’s favourite village near Chester, not be confronted by a moral dilemma.

I receive another text reading “well, I hope you have a great day, looking forward to catching up soon (smiley).” “Catching up soon…. Smiley?” I wonder. Is this her way of pawning me off? Surely she can’t be the pawner offer if she’s throwing out “please respond to me” texts. I decide not to respond. Test the waters. If she writes to me again, she’s serious and does actually want to catch up soon…… Smiley.

A Week Later

A week goes by and I don’t hear anything. I assume at this point that getting the message across is done and dusted and that this ship has certainly sailed…….. Or so I though.

I receive a text at around midnight on Saturday night reading “Hey, how are you? x”. A text at that time on a Saturday night can only mean one thing (I definitely didn’t give off that impression) and I certainly wasn’t going to go down that road. I decide not to respond until Sunday morning with “I’m well, how are you?”. I know I’m going to get a response, but I know it won’t be anything of substance due to my shortness.”well played, Jordi. Well played” I hi-5 myself.  I receive an instant response reading “I’m well, hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather?” “Question mark?” I think to myself. She’s waiting for a response. Brilliant.

I know now that I need to finish this off with a swift Mortal Kombat “fatality” style finish. Something that won’t leave anything to chance. I could go with “PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE, I DONT LIKE YOU” but I decide to be more tactful. “Definitely taking advantage of the weather. All the best.” I finally respond. “All the best should definitely put this to bed” I think to myself. No response. Finally a couple of hours later I receive “OK, well, have a great weekend.”  The weekend was officially over, and after not receiving anymore texts from her, it was certainly a great weekend.



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