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The Story Behind the “Smudged Lipstick” Project


Being one of the UK’s top dating, sex and relationship bloggers I’d get invited to a ton of terrible, cheesy, boring and wanky events every. Single. Week. The speed dating events were generally churned out by someone with no personality that cost £20 and the cocktail parties were just standing around drinking a glass of cheap prosecco…..But it wasn’t just that.

The thing is – we’re not communicating face to face with each other as much as we used to and simple skills like eye contact, tone of voice, body language and even spelling and grammar are suffering. More and more of us are finding ourselves glued to our phones and tablets whilst sending emojis and “LOLing” to things that aren’t even funny. And I was over it! Things needed to change. I started running some incredibly popular events through for a couple of years but realised that it still wasn’t enough.

I got to the point in my life where I could have lived in a state of stability forever but it’s just not me. So without a lot of money saved, I decided to roll the dice and put it all into Smudged Lipstick to hopefully make a difference and give people some really good stories to tell without breaking the bank.

So, what do we do?

Our events are all focused on people having a good time (which I like to think is the same focus of every event in the entire world). We’re incredibly unique using only venues that have character and atmosphere and do things that are going to be memorable. So, scroll down to see what tickles your fancy….. Before the official website is launched. Soon. I promise.




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