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Does Age Matter?

Does age matter?

I was interviewed  recently and asked what age bracket I go for when it comes to finding someone. I was a bit stumped, I guess I haven’t ever really had a definitive answer to this.

My mother and her partner have an age difference of 20 years… And have also been together for over 20 years (I’ll let you all do the math on that one). With this in mind it really got me thinking. Does age matter, or is it just a number?

Anyway, after my recent dating escapades, I guess MY short answer is that age does matter. But, before those of you in relationships with older or younger significant others start booing and throwing tomatoes at the screen I thought I would  show you as to why it does. Some of the answers are serious, most of them are me trying to be funny. Enjoy.

They’re Too Young If…..

When you say you’re 31 they say “OMG, you’re like OLD, dude”.

They ask you if you like “Little Mix”.

When going out for dinner they order nuggets and chips and ask for a place mat with a wordsearch and maze on it.

They think there was only 1 Superman movie ever made.

The furthest they’ve ever travelled is to Southend-On-Sea (no offence to anyone from Southend).

When staying over, they insist on building a fort out of blankets and pillows whilst wanting to eat chocolate for dinner (I probably wouldn’t object to that though).

When seductively asking them to come to bed they shout back at you with, “I don’t want to go to bed now. God, I hate you, you’re so unfair!”

When asked what they’re studying, they respond with “maths, English, biology, geography and history”.

They can’t believe you’re in your thirties and haven’t been married, divorced or have 3 illegitimate kids.

They’re Too Old If…….

They pinch your cheeks and say “Oh, you’re soooooo cute”.

They ask if you have the latest “Willie Nelson” album. (No offense, Willie).

When going for dinner, you have to mash their food up for them. Or they won’t let you have your dessert until you’ve finished your main.

You went to school with one of their kids.

They think there were only 4 Superman movies made.

You go to their house to watch a movie and they ask you to “just pop it in the VCR”.

The furthest they’ve travelled is to Australia……. By boat.

They wear a toupee or a wig and their name is Alfred or Mabel.

You ask them to message you when to meet…. And it arrives as a telegram.

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