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Cool London Date Idea – Goodfellas at the BFI

Binge watching tv in winter is probably the most appealing pastime there is at the moment. Soooooo, the whole getting dressed and leaving the house to sit in a theatre and watch a movie takes effort. Real effort.

But, the right movie is definitely worth it and absolute classic Goodfellas has been re-released by the BFI across the country to give you that reason to make the effort.

See it at the BFI

A cheesy walk along the Southbank is always a great date idea so why not tie that in by going to see Goodfellas at the BFI. The BFI Southbank have re-released the film in beautiful 4K, so even if you’ve seen the film 100 times – you’ll not have seen it in this type of high quality before.

To add to the whole experience the BFI are running a great Scorsese retrospective throughout January and February which is definitely worth checking out.

Check out the BFI website more screen times and any other information.



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