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Let’s be honest, when we think about these “social nights” for singles organised by dating companies we can’t help but cringe. I always imagine them being made up solely of weirdos similar to those that somehow manage to seek you out on the tube, sit next to you and spark up a conversation about the new type of bread at Subway…….. Or something along those lines.

Doing Something are one of the more well-known ones in London. Well-known for being a little more daring than just going bowling or speed dating. They do cool stuff.

Cool stuff like playing ping-pong on rooftops or HOT TUB speed dating. Pretty cool, huh?

I was lucky enough to go on their “Carol-uke” Christmas party climbing the O2 (CLIMBING THE O2!). I’d never climbed the O2 before, so it was a great chance to cross something else off my bucket list and see what Doing Something are all about.

First thing I noticed was that there weren’t any social misfits. I guess that comes with doing cool stuff as opposed to being run of the mill. So far so good. We were then given a rosette stating what type of we were, given the run down on how not to fall off and die, a sexy onesie for safety reasons along with a Santa hat and we were off!

The View From the Top

The climb is pretty straight forward and you’d have to try really hard to fall off and die.

Once at the top we were greeted by a town cryer, carol sheets and a cool ukelele band singing traditional carols with a cool folky twist. We were then able to admire the view and mingle with each other whilst singing carols (really badly). Before we knew it we were being pelted by fake snow in the form of a foam machine (I’m so glad my mouth was open for that one). When we got to base camp we were then able to strip out of our onesies and have a laugh over some much needed mulled wine and mince pies.

We all had a blast, and it was such a cool experience. Definitely a great way to see out the year.

Now, as you know I don’t endorse complete bollocks. Doing Something are so cool – that they’ve agreed to give my amazing readers a huge £17 discount (£12 instead of £29) to try them out for a month. Just go to their site and enter the promo code; 30something.



Doing something 02 santas

Jordi Doing Something Snow Machine


Elves Doing Something


Town Cryer Snow Machine



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