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If You Breakup With Someone – Do it With Class

If You Breakup With Someone – Do it With Class

The iconic moment when Burger dumped Carrie via a Post-it (A POST-IT!) set the standard of “how not to breakup with somebody” for years.

That was before the whole “digital dating” age took over and things have obviously reached a new low. The amount of terrible texts, emails, voicemails and even EMOJIS used to breakup with people is now beyond a joke. And it needs to stop.

There is no easy way to breakup with somebody – but there is a right way. So, if you are going to breakup with somebody – do it with class.

Do it in Person

First thing’s first. If you’ve been with someone for a sizeable amount of time always do it face to face – you owe the relationship that much. As much as it’s going to be painful for both of you along with surfacing an excessive amount of tears and snot it’s something you shouldn’t really need to think twice about. Sure, you’re hardly going to do it in person with someone you’ve only been on 2 dates with – that would be awkward. But the long relationships – yes.

Be Honest

Regardless of whether it’s face to face or over the phone, always be honest. This leaves no gray area afterwards and you with a clean conscience. Even if you’re breaking up with them because you’ve done something terrible and can’t bear to face them, it’s the best thing you can possibly do as they’ll probably find out eventually anyway.

Don’t “Ghost”

This is a real no-brainer. It takes 2 seconds to message somebody, so don’t be a coward and just disappear. You’ll feel less guilty and they’ll be able to move on and not wonder what the hell happened, so it’s a win/win.

Give Them Time and Space

Once you’ve broken up with somebody they need time and space to be able to get through it. If you are going to try the whole friends thing, don’t try it straight away. Never send a message or call them just because you’re bored, that’s not fair. You’re basically giving them a hit of an addictive drug that they’ll only want more of – so don’t. You made the decision to breakup with them, it doesn’t give you the license to swan in and out of their lives whenever you please.

Got it? Good.

You Are Dealing With a Human With Feelings

If you are breaking up with someone you haven’t been seeing that long you still have to remember that they are going to hurt a little bit. Just because you are texting them and can’t see their face, doesn’t mean you can be nonchalant about the whole thing.

Try and Leave It on an Amicable Note

This is a tough one that is obviously circumstantial. But, like anything – if you don’t have to burn those bridges, then don’t. You never know what might happen in the future so why not be as adult as you possibly can by showing some class, dignity and compassion for the situation.

Dating is subjective and every situation’s different, but next time you decide to breakup with someone, do it with class – it’s the least you can do.

First written (by me) on Huff Post Lifestyle.

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