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Boyfriend Forgets Phone at Home and is Forced to Follow Girlfriend Around Topshop

Bored boyfriend

It’s not been a good day for Dennis, 23 of Mile End. Not only is he being dragged to Topshop to help his girlfriend find an outfit for a friend’s birthday instead of being able to watch the Tottenham game with his mates, but he’s also left his phone at home and won’t be able to scroll away whilst standing in the entrance of Topshop along with the other boyfriends.

“Usually I don’t mind getting dragged along to Topshop as I can just chill out at the entrance and play on my phone for an hour whilst she runs around doing her thing” Dennis tells us.

So, what about today now that he’s forgotten his phone. “I can’t believe it, I’m now going to have to do my boyfriend duty and follow her around telling her she looks great in everything. To be honest though, I think she finds it more annoying when I’m with her as I’m hardly a great help” Dennis continues.

Dennis elaborates on his situation. “I don’t really care what she buys, and I actually don’t mind being able to hang out with the other boyfriends. We all look at each other with a sense of sympathy knowing exactly what the situation is. But, I think we like getting a bit of a break as generally we’re being dragged into about 20 shops that day.”

Oh, Dennis – we can only sympathise with you.


Don’t forget, this is satire and totally written to laugh at ourselves and the kinds of colourful personalities we deal with when dating. It’s not written to offend anyone. If you did laugh and can relate – don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Twitter using the share buttons. Thanks for reading as always, Jordi.

Pic courtesy of Daily Mail.




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