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Beach Blanket Babylon – Shoreditch

I like a place that has a real presence. A real sense of character. A place where the first words that come out of your mouth are, “man, this place is cool”.

Beach Blanket Babylon, for me, is one of those places. Amazingly, before recently it was just a place that I’d walked passed a gazillion times but never actually gone in.

So, Why is it So Cool?

Good question. I love a busy place. I would much rather go somewhere with a lot of people and have to wait to be served than somewhere empty that I can get a drink from straight away. So, firstly, the large marble bar in the middle of the main room instantly gives it a busy vibe that sets up the atmosphere in a dimly lit setting. It’s chic but not wanky. I don’t do wanky.

The awesome staff, whilst running around like crazy take our coats and sort us out with a couple of drinks at the bar. Beach Blanket Babylon is a great place to people watch, so hanging at the bar isn’t a pain at all.

After a strong Old Fashioned we are shown to our table and order another round of drinks and a bottle of Champagne. It’s just one of those nights. When it comes to ordering food, it’s tough to know what to order. It all looks amazing. In the end I go for the calamari as a starter and the lamb shank as a main.

I’m no food critic, but the calamari was excellent, and the lamb shank was as good as any I’ve ever had. The portion was big enough that I just about finished mine before dessert (an intense chocolate fudge brownie). I A) can’t remember the last time I had a brownie and B) realised straight away what I’d been missing. It was perfect.The rest of the Champagne was swiftly polished off as we basically had to be rolled out of there – we were that full (not because we were drunk).

What Else Do I Need to Know About Beach Blanket Babylon?

There are 2 Beach Blanket Babylons. The other is in Notting Hill.

Shoreditch has both a champagne bar downstairs in addition to a gallery upstairs that’s available for private hire.

Notting Hill boasts both a chapel and a crypt to dine in, as well as a ballroom for private hire. As you do.


Atmosphere 5
Staff 5
Value 4
Style 5
Originality 5

Overall Rating 96%







Beach Blanket Babylon Menu 1

Beach Blanket Babylon Menu 2

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Pics courtesy of Beach Blanket Babylon.



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