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Are Blind Dates Really That Blind?

Ah, the blind date. One of life’s unexpected treasures. A vortex of unknown that could eventually lead us to finding our very own Kate or Leo. What a load of bollocks.

Oxford defines the blind date as;

“A social engagement with a person one has not previously met, arranged with a view to the development of a romantic or sexual relationship”.


The Offer

I went on a blind date last week organised by an offline dating agency under the prevision that I would write a post and that it was completely blind. What I mean by COMPLETELY blind is that neither of us knew anything about each other and were matched solely on the information in our profiles. “Why not?” I thought. “At least we’ll have lots to talk about”. I also thought it would be great to get a perspective on why someone would choose the more “unorthodox” avenue of offline dating as opposed to online dating.

This is how it went down.

The Intro

I walk into the bar (Coal Vaults in Soho) and am greeted by a staff member who unsubtly shouts, “oh, you’re here for the blind date!” A table of females turns around to eyeball me whilst giggling away. Boy, did I feel a lot more at ease now. Thanks, buddy!

I meet the girl (I won’t use her real name, so let’s call her….. Ummmm…. Fran. (That’ll do). Anyway, I meet FRAN at the table and we grab a drink each. We instantly realise that we’re both in the same boat when it comes to going on a completely blind date. I knew nothing about her, and she knew nothing about me…… Or so I thought.

The Date

I knew Fran had been told that I was going to write about the date – which made me nearly cancel. You see, this makes it tough because naturally she will always be on the back foot knowing that she is going to be written about even if she has complete anonymity.

What I didn’t know was that she had been told what my blog was and had already read all about me……. Which made this a very difficult situation and completely changes the mood of the date.

Anyway, the blind date started off well enough, Fran’s a cool girl and easy to talk to. Though, I find out pretty quickly that she isn’t a member of the agency, and that she is a friend of a friend of the lady who runs the agency. She agreed to go on the date as she had nothing to lose. Hmmmmmmm.

Then after a drink or 2, the comments start coming in like, “you’re not going to write that are you?” And, “I better not say anything as you’ll probably write about it”. There were also references to what I’d written, such as, “tell me more about……..”. Personally, I don’t blame her, as I’d be exactly the same. Who wouldn’t be thinking “what the hell’s he going to write about me?”?

I try to tell her not to worry as I’m not taking down any mental notes, I just want to enjoy the evening first and foremost and worry about the post later. Not that that really helped as the white elephant had well and truly parked its arse at the bar for the evening.

So, the date finished with no real sparks flying. Fran’s a lovely girl, and I’m sure she’ll make someone really happy one day – just not me.

So, Are Blind Dates That Blind?

The whole experience got me thinking. Are blind dates really that blind? With cyber-stalking and the general amount of information about us that’s out there – does the blind date really exist anymore? We all have a certain amount of knowledge about every single person we go out with, thus a certain amount of expectation.

When it comes to the wonder that is internet dating – absolutely not. We already know all about that person, having seen their manufactured profile pic and had virtual conversations. We can easily turn up with a list of questions in reference to their favourite movie, band…. Yada yada yada. Which is exactly why I don’t internet date.

Tinder – I’m not even going to get into what a load of shit that is. I’d rather sit next to a baby on a flight to Australia before registering an account on Tinder.

I guess the only old-fashioned blind date is when our friends set us up with somebody that they think we’d click with. Even then we’re able to see pics, go on their Facebook profile beforehand, Google them and cyber-stalk them until our hearts are content. Does that now render it “void” from being a “blind” date? Answers on a postcard.

So, back to the drawing board for me. I guess I’ll just have to keep waiting for Jessica Alba to come and sweep me off my feet one day. It’ll happen….. Right?

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