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Well done on arriving on the about page – it will make you laugh at least once!

Well, come on, us thirty-somethings are an incredible generation that grew up with just a handful of channels on TV. Without broadband internet or smart phones…. Even a tablet was something we used to put in our mouth. We’re a generation that has gone through divorce, success, broken hearts, bankruptcy, mortgages and deaths of those closest to us. We’re a generation of single parents and travellers, of cheats or been cheated on, of .com millionaires and child prodigies.

We’re a generation that still has dreams despite having so many broken in the past. We’ve taken substances and done things of substance. We’re a generation that has already had our quarter-life crisis and look forward to our “mid”. A generation that’s only access to porn was via our father’s “secret” hiding spot.

We’re a generation that played Snake instead of Angry Birds. Mario Brothers instead of Call Of Duty. Commodore 64’s instead of Macs. We taped things off TV instead of watching Netflix. Our life lessons were learnt through watching Saved By the Bell and Melrose Place. We listened to the radio instead of Spotify.

We’re a generation that can make a difference. We’re still young….ish.

 About Me!


So, what’s my deal?
Hi, I’m Jordi. I’ve been described as “having the brain of a male Carrie Bradshaw with the looks of Adam Levine”. Have you ever read a bigger pile of turd in your life?
Anyway, I’m 35, straight, single and inhale everything London has to offer. I had my heart shredded to ribbons after a breakup a few years ago and finally after months of listening to “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Sinead O’Connor on repeat whilst in the foetal position, I created Thirty Something London, now one of the UK’s number one dating blogs.

After three and a half years of being so frustrated with being invited to boring, monotonous speed dating events and wanky singles cocktail evenings I resigned from my (incredibly stable) career in PR and created Smudged Lipstick, a cool and quirky events brand to give people a chance to have a fun experience. Seriously! Events include Diary Days, The London Spelling Bee, Jenga Dating, Dirty Scrabble Dating, Play-Doh Dating, Singles Life Drawing amongst many others. Check out the full story and list of events here.

Blogger of the yearsmudged-lipstick-site

What do I write about?

So, back to the blog bit. What life’s really like through the eyes of a straight, single male who doesn’t mind if he ends up being single for the rest of his life as I’m incredibly happy with who I am. I wanted to create something realistic that focuses on good ethics, advice and news that doesn’t take life too seriously. I don’t live in my mother’s basement, so I like to get out and do as much cool stuff as I physically can before I have kids and they put me in a dodgy home.

Hmmmm, other stuff  that will probably bore the living piss out of you….

Well, my background is in marketing, though I haven’t always been stuck behind a desk. In 2006 I left my job to travel the world and did so for the best part of a year. I was doing some modelling in Italy (true story) when a chance meeting with someone in the tourism industry offered me the opportunity to video blog (or vlog if you will) my way around Europe. So, after a year of videoing my experiences of jumping out of aeroplanes, running with bulls in Pamplona, throwing tomatoes in Bunol and drinking ridiculously large steins of beer in Munich for Oktoberfest I finally decided to settle in Italy for 4 years.
I moved back to London in late 2011 and have never enjoyed it more.

And the nitty-gritty?

I’m a real “man’s man”. I’m not a sugar-coater, I don’t compromise and I certainly don’t take any crap from anyone.  In an unfortunate world where people look up to Lady Gaga and “One Direction” as role models, I guess I’m a bit more old school.

I’m fluent in Italian.
Drink of choice is rum. Neat.
I own 29 jackets.
I can out-quote anyone on “Dazed and Confused”.
I subscribe to Playboy Magazine. Seriously. Oh, and totally just for the articles.
I’ve been to 60 different countries and lived in 5.
I listen to vinyl.
My first album was Poison’s “Open Up and Say Ah”. I still totally rock out to it to this day.
Tragic life-long  Tottenham Hostpur FC fan.
I do one karaoke song… And one only. Bon Jovi – Always….. And I nail it every time.
Biggest teenage crushes were Susanna Hoffs (lead singer of The Bangles), Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Ginola.
I don’t do “LOL’s” or “smileys”.
I was a finalist in PETA’s “Sexiest Vegetarian in Europe” award for 2011.
I’ve run 1 marathon……. So far…. But let’s be honest, that’ll probably be it.
I was a “shot doctor” at a club once. I lasted 1 night and made no money.
My poster of Pamela Anderson in her Baywatch swimsuit was one of the most iconic images of my teenage years. (Thank god it was laminated).
In a movie of my life story, Johnny Depp (21 Jump Street days) would play the lead.

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