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9 Most Annoying Things Couples Do

Now that I’m single, I’ve noticed so many annoying things couples do. I know for a fact there were things I did when I was in a couple that would have annoyed the sweet bejesus out of my single friends. The shoe, shall we say is now well and truly on the other foot and with this in mind I thought it would be fun to look at some of the most annoying things couples do in everyday life. Enjoy.

1. Joint Facebook Accounts

Newsflash! You are not the same person! You are 2 different people with supposedly 2 completely different sets of opinions. When you post something, we don’t actually know which one of you love birds has physically posted it either. Just open separate accounts and make it easier for all of us.

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2. Cancelling Last Minute

If you have no intention of coming out for the night – just say so! It’s so frustrating planning a night out only to receive a text reading, “sorry we’re tired” or “Tina’s not feeling well, so neither of us can make it” 30 minutes after we’re supposed to meet.

3. Playing With Phones at a Restaurant

There’s nothing better than sitting down at a really nice restaurant, ordering your favourite dish, an exotic bottle of wine and sitting next to a couple with their faces glued to their phones. What’s the point of even being in a couple if you can’t leave your phone alone for an hour to have an actual conversation?

4. Having a “Joint TV Show”

The amount of times I’ve been asked “Have you seen (insert any of the following; Homeland, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones)? That’s our show, isn’t it, honey? We love it don’t we, honey? We just watched series 36 yesterday…. Didn’t we, honey?” Just makes me want to put my head in a bucket and bash it against a wall repeatedly.

5. They’re Always Trying To Set You Up

I find my couple friends are always trying to set me up with someone they think will be “perfect” for me. No matter how many times I tell them that I don’t want to date anyone, they continue to suggest it. I’M JUST NOT INTERESTED! Thank you.

6. Overdoing it With the Baby Photos

Look, I get it – you’ve had a child and want to share it with the world, That’s fine, but putting up 20 photos a day and changing your profile pic to that of your child’s is complete overkill for the rest of us.

7. P.D.A

There really is a time and a place. Watching a couple playing tonsil hockey whilst alone in an elevator is very awkward for all concerned.

8. Working Out at the Gym Together

I actually find this really entertaining as much as I find it annoying. It normally involves the clueless boyfriend acting all manly trying to show his girlfriend how to do an exercise. He normally has terrible form and she normally gets bored and or frustrated reverting back to her own thing.

9. Not Being Able to Make a Decision to Save Themselves

Asking a friend to go for a drink has never been so tough. The general response is “I’ll just check with the other half and let you know”. I normally say, “its ok, she’s actually not invited”. Their response is normally “no, but I’m just going to check with her and make sure it’s ok”. Kill me now!

I know these are quite general and not EVERY couple is like this. But if you can relate to me please don’t forget to share this below on Facebook, Twitter , Reddit or any other page you’d like.

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