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5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 27/6-3/7


If there was ever a week to go out of your way to be a good date and make somebody smile, this would be it. Here are 5 cool London date ideas this week.

The “SNOW Date Like It” Date

How about a Friday evening post-work drink on the streets of Covent Garden whilst drowned in a sea of red and white? Sounds pretty good right? If your date is one of those people who’s just happy to go with the flow and sit on curb and drink cider definitely head to the Maple Leaf in Covent Garden for Canada Day! There is no better place in London to celebrate on July 1st! The website hasn’t really changed since 2012, but you’ll at least be able to figure out where to go.

The “Don’t YANK My Chain” Date

So, you’ve done Canada Day on Friday the 1st, why not take your date to Shoreditch during the week for the American Booze Fest at the Strongroom Bar for Independence Day! There are some awesome events happening throughout the week until Sunday the 3rd including talks from brewers, whiskey masterclasses plus lots of Americana-themed evenings and live music!

The “NACHO Average” Date

Beer! Nachos! Shouting at men in tight costumes and masks! Complete the North American trifecta this Saturday or Sunday by treating your date to a night of Mexican wrestling in Bethnal Green with Lucha Libre World. Tickets are from just £20 and certainly beat the whole dinner and a movie thing.

The “HINT of a Good” Date

I’m a massive fan of treasure hunt dates, massive fan. The problem these days is just finding the time to plan and execute them. To solve this issue, CRUMBS have designed a series of cool London treasure hunts via their app that lead you around various parts of London answering fun questions along the way. It’s also FREE!

The “Morning After” Date

Whether it’s the morning after or you just want to test the waters with someone new a brunch date is always a winner. If you fancy something a little boozy try the Aussie Bottomless Brunch at Beany Green in Paddington. For £35 pounds each you get a yummy brunch (featuring “The Bondi” Poached Free Range Eggs, Back Bacon, Sausage, Mushrooms, House Made Chilli Pesto & Avocado on Organic Cold Fermented Activated Charcoal Sourdough) PLUS unlimited Mimosas, Bloody Marys and Prosecco!

Pic courtesy of Beany Green.




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