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5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 27/3-2/4

We have more daylight now. Fist bumps all round as we anticipate London’s  summer saturated with rooftop bars and street food pop-ups – not that we’re complaining. Anyway, here are this week’s cool London date ideas.

The “Take her for a SPIN” Date

Learning about someone’s musical tastes is half the fun when you first start dating. Instant judgement ensues as they start to play Little Mix (if we can consider that horse shit “music”) on their phone. Head to Spitalfields this week for the Independent Lable Market and judge each other senseless as you both trawl through mountains of vinyl.

The “ARTY farty” Date

The David Hockney exhibition at the Tate Britain is on until the end of May. The problem is that most people will wait until the last week to get tickets – don’t be that person. See it now and avoid a lifetime of disappointment. Great for a second or third date in London.

The “in the DARK” Date

One for those of us that have trouble keeping eye contact…. Or perhaps you’re being set up with somebody as a favour to a friend. Either way the Pitch Black Bar in Covent Garden is just that – PITCH BLACK. It’ll definitely be something memorable and make for a quirky experience.

The “give them the FLICK” Date

Want to go down the whole movie route? Why not take them to see a classic film – FOR FREE! Yep, the Free Film Festival is on all week in West Norwood with greats such as The Goonies Memento….. But, get in quick as tickets book up quickly.

The “HOPS to it” Date (Pick of the week)

BEER. If that doesn’t help you on a first date in London – nothing will. The Wandsworth Common Beer Festival is happening from Wednesday to Saturday and if the weather holds out it could well be the pick of the bunch!




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