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5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 20/6-26/6

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5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 20/6-26/6

This week’s cool London date ideas are cooler than the London summer – which, judging by what we’ve had so far is pretty damn cool!

The “Downward SPIRAL” Date

Let’s face it, we’ve all had dreams about taking a date on a ridiculously large slide in East London, right? Well, dream no more! This week the ArcelorMittal Orbit opens up its slide to the public, so take your other half for something a little different. Tickets are £10 for adults and the ride lasts 40 seconds…. If the date goes well – hopefully you last longer later on. Boom boom.

The “ICE CREAM You Scream” Date

So…. Ummm…. It’s summer apparently. I know, right – get those laughs out. Once you’ve composed yourself turn your attention to the London Gelato Festival happening at Spitalfields from the 24th. Grab a gelato card and make your way from vendor to vendor as you taste some of Italy’s finest gelati. Nothing says romance like sharing a double waffle cone in the rain! Am I right?

The “SKY’s the Limit” Date

It’s not summer unless there are a plethora of rooftop bars to choose from. The Sky Lounge at the Hilton Tower Bridge has an amazing view overlooking the Thames. Good luck getting some sun though… Because…. You know – London.

The “MAI TAIp of Guy” Date

Tiki bars in summer totally rock. Fact. The Palm Club n Dalston is only on for 2 more weekends – so grow a pair of COCONUTS and take your date somewhere they’re PINING for. Hey, you might even get LAI’D…. I’ll get my coat.

The “FAULTless” Date

Going for a run-of-the-mill drink can be a little boring sometimes. Spice it up a little by going to Bat and Ball in Stratford where they have (surprise surprise) table tennis tables all over the place. Just don’t be a competitive moron when playing with your date and just have fun, ok? awesome.

Have any friends that need a date idea? (Ummm who doesn’t). Don’t forget to share it with them on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks, Jordi.

Pic courtesy of Sky Lounge.





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