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5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 20/3-26/3

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 20/3-26/3

Spring has sprung! And ummmm… Love is in the air (vomit). Anyway, here are this week’s 5 cool London date ideas.

The “On TAP” Date

Apart from the whole (lame arse) coffee or drinks on a first date, tapas is also up there with go-to ideas for something simple. BUT! Simple these are not. Pop-up Tapas and Tempranillo is happening on Friday the 24th in Clapham and perfect for a first or 40th date. Olè!

The “Get WASTED” Date

We’ve all been wasted on dates before. Sometimes accidentally – other times just to get us through the pain of another terrible hour or two with someone who picks their teeth with a menu. Anyway, WASTED, the pop-up restaurant on the Selfridge’s rooftop is closing next week. The whole initiative uses food that’s destined for the bin – so you’ll have that feel good factor no matter how well the date goes.

The “SCANDIlous” Date

Market dates are easy. Walking around, eating, drinking, having a laugh without having to awkwardly sit across from each other. The Scandinavian market is back in London this weekend and is almost the perfect way to FINNISH off the month.

The “BRICKING It” Date

One for nerds…. You know who you are. The Art Of Brick DC Super Heroes exhibition is happening on Southbank! Take your date to ogle Lego versions of your favourite heroes and villains with everything from Superman to The Joker. They’ve used nearly 2,000,000 bricks in the exhibition so it’s incredibly impressive. And, hey – if things go well you might even get your LOGO-ver. Oi oi!

The “LATE” Date

Gallery dates are hit and miss. Fact. Friday night “lates” at the National Gallery are a little more on the hit side. Go and kick off the evening at the museum and follow it up with a drink somewhere cool. Great for a second or third date.

Pic courtesy of The Art of Brick DC Super Heroes.



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