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5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 15/8-21/8

Somerset house

It’s summer! If you’re not lucky enough to be sunning it up in Benidorm – take your date on one of these 5 cool London date ideas this week.

The “Practice Safe SAX” Date

Chicks dig jazz, man. Well, that’s according to the weird nanny from Jerry McGuire anyway. So, if you believe that and feel like your date  could do with listening to something smooth – head to the Canary Wharf Jazz Festival happening over the weekend. Canary Wharf on the weekend? Look, I know it’s weird too – but this sounds like it’ll be fun.

The “Don’t PALM Me Off” Date

Pirates had it so right with rum – I mean, it’s definitely the coolest alcohol in the entire world bar NONE. So, don that Hawaiian shirt and prepare to get leid (oi oi!) at the Experimental Cocktail Club’s Tiki pop-up, Joyeux Bordell in Shoreditch. It’s on until the end of the month so best you hurry!

The “I SCREEN All My Dates” Date

Ah, outdoor cinemas. The person who invented those must rolling around like Scrooge McDuck from his London royalties alone! Anyway you have this week to take your date to Somerset House to watch a movie before it disappears for another 10 months or so. Is there anything more romantic than paying a ton of money to see a movie that’s free on Netflix? No, no there isn’t.

The “Kick Him to the KERB” Date

If it’s not an outdoor cinema that’s a great go-to date in London, it’s street food!  The Kerb street food market at Camden Market just opened last weekend and is great for a first or second date to just hang out and test the waters. It’s open 7 days a week!

The “SHORE Thing” Date

London is now famous for its beaches over summer. Dumping piles of sand in the middle of urban sprawls is now a thing and it’s certainly no Maldives to be honest…. But, the Camden Beach at the Roundhouse is pretty good (as far as these temporary beaches go). As long as the weather holds out you should be able to kick back, soak up some rays and have a few piña coladas!

Pic courtesy of Somerset House.





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