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5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 29/6 – 05/7

It’s that time of week again – if Wooderson from Dazed and Confused went on Dates…. He’d do these 5 cool London date ideas.


The “Nan Yo’ Business” Date

Going to your nan’s house for a date is probably up there with turning up to school naked in the “worst nightmares ever” section of your brain. Well, last month Little Nan’s Cocktail Den opened in Shoreditch and is serving up cocktails and tea (naturally) to make you feel right at home….. Well, your nan’s anyway.

The “Grass Is Greener” Date

Unless London rent prices have forced you to live under a rock, you’d have noticed that Wimbledon starts today. Chances of getting tickets are slim, so best you watch it at a pub with your date and find a better use for those strawberries and cream.

The “Ohhhhhh Canada” Date

Everybody goes all “stars and stripes” for the 4th of July…. But 3 days earlier on the 1st is where the real party is – Canada Day! Anyone who’s ever partied with Canadians knows they’re in for a great night out. The best place in London to show your date a good time on Wednesday is at the Maple Leaf in Covent Garden.

The “Culture Vulture” Date

Not since 90’s smash hit “Sweat” has an Inner Circle been so popular. Anyway, for those looking to take a date to the theatre – why not take advantage of the weather and see something outside at Regent Park’s Inner Circle. Just pick a day.

The “Night at the Museum” Date

Sure, we all wonder how Ben Stiller’s franchise of crap movies even became a franchise in the first place – but he was certainly onto something in the dating world. Be a romantic and take her to the Museum Lates at the National History Museum – beats dinner and a movie!

Pic courtesy of The Maple Leaf



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