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5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 22/6 – 28/6

The sort of dates Barry White would have been proud of – 5 cool London date ideas this week.

Roof East Stratford

The “Hip Hop Hoooorrrraaaayyyy” Date

Ok, so Naughty By Nature won’t be at Wireless – but Public Enemy and De La Soul will be. If you ever needed to justify that you have great taste in music – this could well be it.

The “Pillow Talk” Date

It’s official, you can now watch a movie in any type of setting imaginable in London. Pillow Cinema has been kicking around for a while now – but what better way to do the whole “fake yawn put your arm around her” trick than whilst laying on some pillows. Right?

The “Rub-A-Dub-Dub” Date

Like the various types of cinemas plaguing London, supper clubs are also taking a strong-hold of the city. The “Suppertub” takes place in a hot top (naturally). Maybe not great for a first date, but definitely one the more daring amongst us.

The “Talk Dirty To Me” Date

Dirty Laundry opens tomorrow (Tuesday the 23rd) in central London where cocktails are mixed in customised washing machines… Before of which they are served in old detergent bottles. You’re looking at a £15 entry fee, but looks like a cool place for a first or second date.

The “Roof of Roofs” Date

When in doubt – you can always count on London for its excessive amount of rooftop events. “Roof East” (not to be confused with “Roo Feast” – something completely different in Australia) in Stratford has a bar, cinema, urban park, yoga and hula-hooping sessions. You could play it safe and just go for a drink – or be daring and show her your snake-hips and work that hoop, baby!

Pic courtesy of Roof East.



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