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5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 20/7 – 26/7

Whether you have a hot date or are just doing a favour for a friend by taking out her ugly brother’s friend – here are some cool London date ideas.

Little feast Shepard's bush

The “Sexy and you POET” Date

Women love poetry. Fact. Women love romantic dates by the river. Fact. So, the fact that there’s the Poetry International festival happening on Southbank this weekend means that if you balls this one up – it’s all on you, pal.

The “Feast Your Eyes On This” Date

Little Feast (is bigger than it sounds) is happening in Shepard’s Bush over the weekend for a few more weeks. Brought to you by the peeps from “Feast” it’s great for something a little more chilled on maybe a Friday night.

The “Gig” Date

If you don’t want to get up and dance when listening to The Gypsy Kings, it’s quite right to question whether you have issues. Anyway, they’re performing on Thursday night, so get those snake hips ready.

The “Fairytale Evening” Date

No, not where everything runs smoothly and you tell your friends how amazing the person was (as opposed to how weird they were). This fairytale evening actually involves listening to fairytales under a giant yurt near the Oxo Tower. Hello romance!

The “Dinner and a Movie” Date

But not as we know it. Feed Me Films is having a Pulp Fiction pop-up over the weekend where you can enjoy the cult classic whilst indulging in a “5 dollar shake” and “Royale With Cheese”. Hello nostalgia!
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