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5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 19/12-24/12

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week

The year has come to a close. Yep. But, instead of feeling reflective – why not go out there and give it one last hurrah! Try to squeeze in one more date before braving the family’s grilling about why you’re still single. Great! Here are this week’s cool London date ideas pre-Christmas.

The “POKEr Face” Date

Yes, Pokemon Go has, well, gone (thank god for that!) BUT you can still relive the dream with Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Definitely something different and non-Christmassy.

The “REINDEER Games” Date

Piñatas rock. Fact. So, why not take your date this Tuesday 20/12 to top Kings Cross institution Drink Shop and Do to make reindeer piñatas. Hey, if the date goes badly you can always put a photo of your date on the reindeer’s face when you get around to bashing it with a stick…. Not that we condone violence here.

The “On the Market” Date

This Thursday is the last time you’ll be able to take advantage of Camden’s Christmas market. Ditch the same ol’ same ol’ and hit one of London’s “lesser known” markets for something a little different.

The “SK8ER Boi” Date

Avril Lavigne – loved her skater boys. Anyway, you can too! Hyde Park’s ice skating rink will be melted down for drinking water on 2/1 (I assume that’s what happens to ice rinks when they’re not needed anymore) so don’t miss out!

The “Don’t BALLS it Up” Date

Roll those sleeves up do something hand-on by making Christmas herbal soap balls at Farmopolis this Tuesday. OK, it’s hardly bungee jumping – but definitely something cool for a first date.

On that note I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas, I hope our suggestions throughout the year have helped love/lust blossom!




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