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I’ve never internet dated. The thought of using Tinder makes me want to hug the closest toilet bowl and just let my lunch free fall out. I did use Badoo once for about a week on recommendation from my friends after my breakup only to find that I was having to fight off an army of post-op transsexuals with a shitty stick.

Anyway, I’m a huge believer of leaving your love life to serendipity. I want that person to walk into a room and just suck the air out of my lungs. I want to get to know them by spending time with them – not by their online persona filled with smileys and LOL’s.

The Challenge set up a #3Dates3Mths challenge for a select few bloggers to go on 3 dates in 3 months (surprise surprise), one of which was to be organised via their site.

Now, I get a lot of emails and messages asking me about internet dating and how I approach it – for which I don’t have an answer as I’ve never done it. I realised that this was a great way to try it out and actually have a proper opinion about the phenomenon.

So, What Happens Next?

Over the next 3 months you’ll be able to track my progress and the rest of the bloggers via the #3Dates3Mths hashtag on Twitter, the JustSingles Blog and of course, my blog.

As you know, I won’t be writing anything fluffy. It’s going to be real, insightful and funny. I promise.




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