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11 Funny Post Break Up Memes

The Reason

Straight after being unceremoniously dumped it’s easy to say I didn’t always use my time productively. I would sit in my Calvin Kleins in front of the TV and watch rom com after rom com. You know the kind – 500 Days Of Summer, Friends With Benefits and, cough cough, Sleepless In Seattle, yep  – that kind. Another way was to be my own drinking buddy and drink my weight in rum (in my defence it was the only way to get through Sleepless In Seattle). One of my favourite things, though, was to spend days on end finding as many funny break up pics as I could find to try to make myself laugh. So, here are 11 Post Break Up Memes that made me snigger (and were grammatically correct, which is hard to find these days). Enjoy.

Text message


It's not you


Egg Cups


Dead dog








Loved and Lost




Open your heart


Yard Sale

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